JRL Real Estate Vail Valley Update April 2020/ Covid-19 Precautions

I want to start by saying I hope this email finds all of you healthy and safe in these difficult times. It’s hard to write about what is going on here in the Vail Valley mainly because I have been lucky to actually have a house to self quarantine in, a family to share the time with and an outdoors that is accessible to help relieve the stress and anxiety during these troubling times. I understand some people are not so lucky. I know other parts of the country are experiencing horrible times and a lot of people here in the Vail Valley have also been through the worst of times. This pandemic has affected everyone on a global scale. I want to send a message of hope and let you all know, we are thinking of you and wish you all well.

I want everyone to know that at my real estate company we are taking every precaution during this pandemic. As of today, showings and open houses are not essential to the real estate business. Closings, inspections and appraisals are. This thing is moving very fast and every day brings new news. We are staying up to date with daily webinars from all the experts on all the latest developments and technology. We have amazing virtual technology where we can help anybody with virtual showings, virtual open houses and everything in the real estate process is online from signing contracts to remote notarization and virtual closings. All are done with docusign technology with safety and protection of your data as our top priority. We have adapted to everything this pandemic has thrown at us and we are here to help.

I know most people are not thinking about real estate right now. We are all in crisis mode and our first priority is our family and our business and how we are going to keep them safe and move forward in these new times. But, I also understand that in these tough economic times, some people have to sell a property whether it’s their primary home or a second or third investment property. If it helps at all, I am listing properties at a reduced commission rate of 2% during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not a discount service, you get all the best listing services that we have always offered, just at a reduced rate. I don’t know if this will help people in these tough times but I am willing to discuss all possibilities with anyone that needs help.

We want everyone to know, if you need help with anything in the Vail Valley from someone to run an errand for you, anything real estate or rental related or simply someone to talk to about what is happening in the Vail Valley, we are here for you. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy in these crazy times and I hope to see you all in the Vail Valley sooner than later.

Sincerely -Jonny “Mogambo” Lindner

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