Fall 2016 Mixed results in Vail Market

Here are a few highlights for September 2016 and comparative analysis to 2015. The Vail valley has many “pocket markets” where we see some areas selling at a discount and some at increased pricing.  You do need someone who knows this market to help you and I would appreciate your interest in working with me. If you or anyone you know needs real estate services, please contact Jon Lindner at 970-331-6111

  • In September we saw a 16% increase valley-wide in both unit sales and dollar volume compared to August 2015.
  • For 2016, contracts for residential property in the Vail Valley are up around 30% from 2015.
  • Unit sales are up 3%.
  • 2016 Dollar volume is 9.5% below 2015 dollar volume.
  • We have seen a 63% decrease in sales over $5 million dollars mainly due to the slowing of oil and manufacturing markets.

We will see numbers increase as this quarter comes to a close. Appraisers are swamped right now as we see a lot of refinancing while money is still cheap and summer sales coming to a close.

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